Toro ZMaster 6000 Mowers

The Toro’ Z Master Professional 6000 Series is the next generation of petrol powered zero-turn radius mowers. Building on industry leading performance features like TURBO FORCE’ cutting technology, the toughest spindle assemblies and more Toro has added improved comfort, enhanced traction and control plus additional professional features. The Z Master Professional 6000 Series models have a low center of gravity, adding more stability for improved handling on slopes and superior

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Toro Z-Master Professional 6000


Exclusive TURBO FORCE Deck

High-capacity TURBO FORCE decks deliver unsurpassed strength, a superior cut, and increased productivity in extreme mowing conditions. Equipped with a patented adjustable baffle, TURBO FORCE decks can be fine-tuned in order to conquer changing turf conditions.

Industry’s Toughest Spindle Assemblies

Toro’s rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles. A stout cast iron housing with a massive base and six mounting bolts absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the deck shell. Plus, the solid, 2.5 cm diameter shaft is alloy steel, not the common lower-grade steel used in many competitive models.

183 cm Deck will have tapered bearing only.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

Deluxe suspension seat features thick cushions, large bolsters and 3-D isolator mounts that absorb bumps and vibrations to reduce operator fatigue.

Smarter design in a bull-nose bumper.

7-gauge bull-nose bumper not only protects against frontal impacts, but also contains an integral underskirt to minimise blowout of debris and dust. The bottom, leading edge of the deck is raised 6.35 mm, allowing grass to stand more upright when entering the cutting chamber, ensuring a level cut. Leaf “ploughing” during spring and fall clean-up also is significantly reduced.

Operator Information Center

The instrument panel includes a digital hour meter, fuel gauge, and voltage meter, as well as diagnostic indicators for the safety interlock system.

Patented Adjustable Baffle

Allows operator to achieve maximum cutting performance by fine-tuning deck to conquer changing conditions, unique job sites or different times of the season. In extreme conditions, the baffle can be opened in order to conserve power and achieve faster mowing speeds. In less demanding conditions, the baffle can be closed to yield micro-sized particles and maximise discharge velocity.

Toro Z-Master Professional 6000 With MyRIDE

Redesigned MyRIDE® Suspension System features a suspended operator platform and adjustable rear shocks to provide a superior ride
16.4 kW (22 hp) Kawasaki® FX 726 cc Engine
152 cm TURBO FORCE deck features heat-treated steel blades and our patented adjustable discharge chute
Deluxe suspension seat features thick cushions, large bolsters and
3-D isolator mounts that absorb bumps and vibrations to reduce operator fatigue.

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