Countax E36



For over 30 years, Countax has led the way in the design and manufacture of garden tractors and ride on lawn mowers. They are the preferred choice for gardens featuring large lawns, orchards, paddocks and slopes. Countax garden tractors are designed to cut and collect grass even in the wet and are extremely versatile – able to create the perfect striped lawn finish or tackle the tallest nettles and brambles.

The single cylinder E36 lawn tractor offers power, performance and durability. Cut and collect grass fully even when the grass is wet. Leave a smart, striped lawn finish.

A short overview video of the Countax lawn tractor range.

A tough, durable lawn tractor

With outstanding product quality and reliability, the Countax E36 lawn tractor features one of the best cut and collect systems in the world. It can cut and collect grass with ease, even when wet,​​ and create the perfect striped lawn finish.​​

Powered Grass Collector

​The 255 litre Powered Grass Collector (PGC) uses brushes driven by the tractor’s engine to sweep the turf and collect grass cuttings, while the roller creates classic stripes. It can also clear away fallen autumn leaves.


​A tough, reinforced cutter deck designed to cut fully. It features three contra-rotating cutting blades which ensure a clean, precise and complete cut. Clippings are thrown to the rear of the deck in to the path of the Powered Grass Collector.


The E36 lawn tractor features a highly reliable, single cylinder 452cc Ariens engine

Cast axle

The heavy-duty cast axle adds strength where it’s really needed on the tractor, enabling it to withstand the stresses of uneven terrain. Features tie-down points for safe transportation on a flatbed trailer.


Intuitive and simple dashboard provides essential information on the operation of the tractor

Park brake

The park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. Fitted as standard on all Countax tractors.

More Information

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